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Blockchain technology has come a long way over the past decade. From cryptocurrency to improving global supply chain visibility, this technology continues to inspire innovative solutions for different challenges across a multitude of industries.

A lot has been said about this technology’s promise and potential, but…

  • Is it just a solution in search of a problem or does it provide an answer to real-world, enterprise-wide questions?
  • How can your business take advantage of what this technology has to offer?
  • Do you need to think strategically about how your business might need to evolve both in the short and long terms…

Using Azure Cognitive Services to perform emotion analysis on selfies.

In the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI), humans are increasingly relying on communication with computer systems to accomplish various tasks. In order for this communication to be effective, computers will need to “understand” human emotion. Understanding whether an individual has a positive or negative state of mind in a given moment could make a huge difference in the quality of that human-machine interaction. In this human-machine communication, facial expressions play a very important role. The human face is the richest source of emotions. Just imagine a world where you can convert your selfie into an emoji based on the emotions…

Issam Ouchen

Technology Architect. Passionate about finding innovative solutions to complicated problems.

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